Dr. Peter Buhl

    Peter Buhl is adept in leadership development. He attends the needs of entrepreneurs, managers and management-teams when it comes to crucial developmental processes. He advises HR departments on the design of leadership qualification measures, conceptualizes and conducts leadership programs and provides individual coaching for executives, management teams and conflicting parties.

    With a successful career in management - including CFO - positions in an investment company and in a real estate project development startup company – he gained hands - on leadership experience. He is a certified systemic business coach and a certified systemic organizational consultant. He has a background in Business & Administration, with working experience in various industries, and he is a certified psychotherapist (HPG). Therefore, clients can expect solid advice, when it comes to finding a successful path between the conflicting priorities of a result-driven and a personality-driven leadership approach.

    At Senator Executive Search Partners Peter Buhl covers the area of executive coaching and onboarding. Especially onboarding is a quite delicate process, since both parties - company and candidate - know very little about each other, but have very ambitious expectations nevertheless. A proven diagnostic tool allows both parties to identify possible pitfalls and have them addressed in a focused onboarding coaching. Quite often additional critical success factors can be identified and effectively integrated during this process.

    Phone: +49 (0) 89 4141 9766

    Carola Harms

    Carola Harms is an expert in communication and management in dynamic times. For 20 years her focus lies on coping with challanging situations of change as well as special situations. Thereby she supports the particular organisation either intern for a certain time or accompanies it extern.

    In the area of establishing, expanding and consolidating companies Ms. Harms has experience with councelling, service and management, especially after merger, purchase, restructuring, strategic reorientation and the change of the management.

    In 2004 she founded her own company with the focus on strategic communication, corporate events and governmental relations. Moreover, as a managing director she built up two subsidiaries of an international lobbying company. As a managing director of an innovative clinic and a ambulatory health centre she pushed the development of a modern health care centre in Munich.

    At Senator Executive Search Partners Ms. Harms accompanies the sector strategic communication. Especially in such challenging times an increased and well-thought-out communication is necessary and, at the same time, a highly strategic task. After having identified all relevant stakeholder and all different interests a tactical strategy will be compiled and communicative realised with Ms. Harms´ assistance.

    Phone: +49 (0) 89 41 41 97 66

    Gerhard Risch

    Gerhard Risch is a skilled banker, certified psychologist, psychotherapist as well as management consultant. In over 30 years of professional experiance he specialized in solving business-related questions by means of psychological concepts. Mr. Risch started his career as a board member of Deutsche Bank. After teaching in the training fields of coaching, supervisor and organisational development he changed as a partner to Deloitte Consulting where he built up the change management sector. Afterwards he founded his own business in which he accompanied turnaround and modernisation projects in various industries. In his work he is coaching executive managers who are facing successful-critical challenges and developing high performance teams to increase the performance.

    At Senator Executive Search Partners Mr. Risch is in charge of the sector on-boarding. He accompanies establishments during the time of personnel management change and provides advice to manager during their first 100 days in a new organisation. Thereby he meets business requirements, considering corporate-cultural as well as interpersonal aspects.

    Phone: +49 (0) 89 41 41 97 66