Suitability diagnostics and reporting

Suitability diagnostic
To provide highest quality we offer suitability diagnostic in the form of a self evaluation. Therefore we use modern suitability diagnostic and compare candidates with similar profiles of the same professional category, you will find no other company with suitability diagnostic to the same degree on the market.

We always document openly and transparently what we do. The constant and comprehensive reporting gives you an overview of the project stage and you have the ability to track the status online.

Reaching goals together
We know, what decision makers wish to have: personal care, a regular exchange of information, transparent processes – and of course the best possible staffing. Each project – no matter what size it is – is lead in a meticulously to success.

Maybe one of the best kept secrets of our success is our ability to listen carefully. This pertains to the needs of firms as well as of our candidates. Senator Partners focuses on collaboration. Together we can reach the goal.

We endeavor Longtime relationships
In private life happy relationships are characterized by reliability and longevity. Similar to business. We aspire to have a longtime relationship with our clients. The better we know each other, the more we understand your specific needs. Every relationship starts with a first meeting. We are looking forward to this!