Corporate Health Management

Absence due to illness and lack of motivation are highly expensive. For this reason corporate health management (CHM) is a long-lasting win-win situation for all parties involved. Psychosocial processes which go through the entire company are crucial for successful CHM. Therefore our support of your CHM starts at this point and is based on a Bottleneck-focussed Strategy. The overall objective is to consistently strengthen the resilience of employee-dependent processes. Our modular approach is based on:

  1. Situation Review / Appraisal
    1. Analysis of necessary major components of CHM
      • Apperception of Responsibilities
      • Health-oriented workflows, accident prevention, occupational health and safety
      • Psychosocial health factors, esp. workplace culture, leadership
      • Health-oriented attitudes, behavior and competence of employees and management
      • Measures to promote health, prevent absence, operational reintegration
    2. Analysis of undesirable absenteeism
  2. Define SMART-objectives, plan CHM strategies and planning of corresponding measures
  3. Realization and evaluation of health-oriented actions, such as:
    1. Implement and supervise health circles incl. related communication processes and responsibilities
    2. Set leadership principles in accordance with health management approach, development of healthy workplace culture
    3. Optimize salutogenetic behavior and attitude
    4. Prevent motivation loss, absenteeism, stress, burnout, etc.

Based on our expertise, we are able to offer you tailor-made solutions adapted to your needs and requirements. 

Beraterpool Corporate Health Management